Daniel Salvagni — Yet another software engineer

About me

I’m Daniel, a Brazilian guy who likes to watch football, movies & tv series in his spare time. Besides that, I’m trying to get back to fiction and novels books and give Netflix some time. Currently based in Schio 🇮🇹 Berlin 🇩🇪 London 🇬🇧, I’m working as a Senior Software Engineer while also enjoying traveling around when possible.

Professionally speaking, I’m a self-taught software engineer, and my main skills are to write scalable, modular and readable code. I’ve recently taken a specialization in Strategic and Leadership Management, which helped to increase my skills and gave me another perspective from the business side.

You can find me on Twitter @danielsalvagni, on Instagram @changelog.md and you check some ugly code on Github @dsalvagni or Linkedin.