Everyday Leadership

Foundations of Everyday Leadership is the very first course of Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization from the University of Illinois on Coursera. It’s taught by professor Gregory Northcraft which also teaches the following course Applications of Everyday Leadership.

This first course really gives you a ground base of leadership and its challenges. The most important thing from this first classes was to get an overview of different types of leadership, how to make individual and group decisions and how to manage motivation. I’d like to share my notes about it.

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Yet another developer writing a rich text editor

Back in 2012, when I discovered the possibilities of having a rich text input by simply adding the contenteditable=true attribute to my element, I tried to build a full content editor. I didn’t know the purpose of it at that point in time, however, it was nice to dig into these new possibilities. I remember it was a simple editor, although you could drop files and images into it, and it would automatically upload the files and attach them to the editor area. Expand the image previews as well. Furthermore, it also embedded content from Youtube and other platforms. It was a lot of fun. It was a lot of o hacks and workarounds as well. Not any longer after that, I sent this idea to the cemetery of side projects.

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3 books to read while commuting

Last summer I changed jobs. I’ve moved from working remotely to a position onsite, after almost three years remote. One of the biggest changes was having to commute and to spend almost one hour on public transport. I had two hours every day to either listen to music and podcasts, take a look at Instagram or try to read a book. On the bright side, it was a great opportunity to read the books I had on my shelf.

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Ideas shouldn’t be isolated

Long before this quarantine period, we all are living in, I’ve been thinking about having a passive income somehow. In the past years, every article that I wrote, every piece of code or full applications that I did as side projects, I shared for free. Every time I had these thoughts of monetizing the side-projects I’ve built, I’d be stuck questioning myself: Would someone be willing to pay for what I have to say? Would someone buy a single front-end component? As you already guessed, never got the answer.

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The sweet road of building a custom date picker

Recently I had to replace a date picker component in an Angular application and I decided, along with my teammates, to go with a custom solution. The previous date picker we’ve been using was a component from ngx-bootstrap library, which is a great one.

The decision of building a custom one was taken mostly because we need mobile support, and we didn’t find a solution off-the-shelf that would fit our requirements. It wasn’t an easy decision, a calendar is always tricky to build. Although, on our side, there was a narrow range of use cases that would make it simpler than building a date picker for global usage.

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Internal Analysis and Competitive Advantage

The fifth course of Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization from the University of Illinois on Coursera, Business Strategy, is taught by Deepak Somaya, Professor of Business Administration. This course is about how organizations can create, capture and maintain value and how it’s fundamental for sustainable competitive advantage.

In the third module of the course, we learned about internal analysis and competitive advantage. How to understand the origin and consequences of the unique internal strength of a firm, using the analytical viewpoint of activities, resources, and capabilities.

In my opinion, Business Strategy was one of the best courses in this specialization with real case study analysis as assignments after every module. Both the content, methodology and the professor were great and I could enjoy taking the classes. The assignment for this module I shared in another blog post.

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Business Strategy: Case Study Analysis of Starbucks’ Competitive Advantage

As I mentioned in a previous post, Business Strategy: Soft-drinks Industry Analysis, I’m taking the fifth course, called Business Strategy, of Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization from the University of Illinois on Coursera. This course is taught by Deepak Somaya, Professor of Business Administration.

This is a four-module course, one module per week, and at the end of each module, we have an assessment: to write a case study analysis about a given topic. In the first week, I had to write a hypothetical memo to the CEO of Uber, suggesting a new mission statement. In the second week, I had to write a hypothetical memo to Warren Buffet to suggest to increase or decrease the investments on Coca-Cola Company. Now, in the third week, I had to answer two questions about the internal competitive advantage of Starbucks.

These assignments demand a couple of hours to get it done, due to the amount of information and analysis that is needed. However, it gives you amazing insights while analyzing real cases and practicing what you just learned.

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