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Find the closest bar

As the weather gets warmer, people tend to hang out more often and Berlin offers many options of bars, pubs, and biergartens to have a great time with your friends. Doesn’t need to be in summer though, the first warm day of spring already takes people out of their homes.

There are so many nice places to go here and sometimes one can spend a lot of time on Google Maps reading reviews of places you want to go. Even when you just want to have one beer after work. I know this is not a real problem, although this is one more small decision that you need to take in your day.

Anyway, last summer a friend that I met here suggested a game to be played when we hang out together: we should take only one drink per bar. Even this is a great idea as you have the chance to try different places in a short period of time, you can see that for each drink we are heading to have, we need to choose a place.

Also last summer, I was studying React development and planning to write a pet-project using it so I would experience working on a real case app – well, kind of. Anyway, I’ve tried to use this scenario of having to choose the next bar as the problem to be solved.

The app is called NextBar and the main goal out of it is to suggest a bar that is open at the time of the query, and the bar location should be on a walking distance. It will give you a couple of suggestion randomly from a list it fetches from YELP API and whether you are not happy with the first suggestion, you can always ask for a new one. Besides that, you can check the average price, the average ratio, the walking distance and walking time and it will give you the directions on Google Maps if you need it.

Have a look at the app, I’m sure it’s going to be handy now that the spring just started. Save it on your home screen to have it handy.

It’s pretty simple, although it’s nice to put all the pieces together.