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It's been six months I'm living in Italy now

So many things happened since my last post here. I keep telling myself to update this blog more often but, as you can see, this was not possible. However, I’ll keep trying.

First of all, I got a new job which I might talk about in another post. Second, I moved along with my (now) wife and our two pet cats to Italy. We are currently living in the Veneto region, close to touristic cities as Verona and Venice. Also, not too far from Lake Garda. This was a big change. And finally, I got married here.

Since the last September 5th, it’s been six months I’m living in Italy.

Moving to Italy was always a plan I had in mind which I could only accomplish this year. I started planning it about eight years ago, when a couple of friends of mine were also moving to Italy due to their italian origins. I’m an Italian descandant as well and this year I got my italian citizenship recognized - big step.

The whole recognition process of my italian citizenship happened very well and smooth. Moreover, it was an opportunity to meet some great people who were very kind to help me. From the first Airbnb I got when I arrived here - which the couple that owns the apartment became our friends - to the people from the Comune (something like a city hall) who had to analyse my document, all of them treated me warm and kindly. Amazing like italians can be friendly and they can easily make you feel like home. I confess I wasn’t expecting such a friendly and warm reception and staying. I can say it was as good as for the marriage process. Maybe I can tell you the whole story regarding both process some day.

It’s funny how similar this region is from the one where I was born back in Brazil. I can remember my grandparent speaking the same dialect they speak here. Even the accent looks very similar althought in Brazil mostly italian descendants speak an even older dialect from Veneto - it’s not common for the young ones though. And, to be honest, this is one of the main reasons for an easy adaptation here. Of course the food, wine and wheater also helped a lot. 🍝🍷

Luísa arrived almost two months later. She had the hard task of bring our two cats here. I couldn’t bring them at first as I tought it would be a bit tough to have them here while I would be facing all the issues of the recognition process. I would say it was a preventive decision. In the end, they all arrived safe and sound. And as you might know, moving to another continent is not that common and easy task for anyone and I’m certain that it also can be applied to people’s. We were a bit worried about their adaptation back there during moving planning, but they were adapted as soon as they arrived in the apartament.

We’re living in a small town compared to brazilian cities. It has about 37k habitants and it really has a country side look & feel. It has been amazing the time we’ve been staying here so far, but we realized that we need to move to a bigger city. The main reason I think is the service offers. As we are both working as remote, we need a coworking or a space other than home to work. Also, living in a bigger center will make it easier to attend work related events, specialized courses and so on. We don’t have it here and we didn’t find something close to what we are looking for. Doesn’t mean leaving Italy, by the way. But it might happen.

In the last six months I had the opportunity to visit a couple of cities. Milan, Venice, Verona, Sirmione and other small ones close to Schio. All by regional trains. This is certainly one of the nicest things of living here - and I can certainly say it’s like this in Europe in general. It’s easy and somehow accessible to travel if you don’t have a car - which I never had even in Brazil. And, wow, Italy has incredible places to visit: from mountains to lakes; beaches and other landscapes; big centers and small ones; and no matter where you look, there’s something charming. I have two trips planned to do meanwhile: Naples, Sorrento & Capri now in September; and Taormina, Sicilia in October; And I hope to visit both Vesuvio and Etna volcanos while I’m there.

Besides that, I learned a new language. Yes, I’m trying to speak only italian here. I’m still struggling with vocabulary and the fact that all people that I know also speak portuguese. Anyway, I’m really into start taking italian classes to learn it for real. Let’s see.

Like I said previously, so many things happened since my last post here.

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