Internal Analysis and Competitive Advantage

The fifth course of Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization from the University of Illinois on Coursera, Business Strategy, is taught by Deepak Somaya, Professor of Business Administration. This course is about how organizations can create, capture and maintain value and how it’s fundamental for sustainable competitive advantage.

In the third module of the course, we learned about internal analysis and competitive advantage. How to understand the origin and consequences of the unique internal strength of a firm, using the analytical viewpoint of activities, resources, and capabilities.

In my opinion, Business Strategy was one of the best courses in this specialization with real case study analysis as assignments after every module. Both the content, methodology and the professor were great and I could enjoy taking the classes. The assignment for this module I shared in another blog post.

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Everyday Leadership

Foundations of Everyday Leadership is the very first course of Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization from the University of Illinois on Coursera. It’s taught by professor Gregory Northcraft which also teaches the following course Applications of Everyday Leadership.

This first course really gives you a ground base of leadership and its challenges. The most important thing from this first classes was to get an overview of different types of leadership, how to make individual and group decisions and how to manage motivation. I’d like to share my notes about it.

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