3 books to read while commuting

Last summer I changed jobs. I’ve moved from working remotely to a position onsite, after almost three years remote. One of the biggest changes was having to commute and to spend almost one hour on public transport. I had two hours every day to either listen to music and podcasts, take a look at Instagram or try to read a book. On the bright side, it was a great opportunity to read the books I had on my shelf.

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Ideas shouldn’t be isolated

Long before this quarantine period, we all are living in, I’ve been thinking about having a passive income somehow. In the past years, every article that I wrote, every piece of code or full applications that I did as side projects, I shared for free. Every time I had these thoughts of monetizing the side-projects I’ve built, I’d be stuck questioning myself: Would someone be willing to pay for what I have to say? Would someone buy a single front-end component? As you already guessed, never got the answer.

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