WordPress, here I’m again

Four years ago I decided to move from WordPress to Jekyll and host it on Github pages. It worked well for a while, however every time I wanted to write a blog post, it always had something to fix – ruby dependencies, Jekyll outdated plugin, you name it. I usually write here for two reasons: 1) it’s relaxing somehow and I use to organise/write down some idea; 2) to improve my writing skills; my experience with Jekyll wasn’t the best. It’s a personal opinion of course.

There was also the option to write on Medium, but is not the same IMO. It seems like writing on a social network such as Facebook or Twitter and already do it eventually – on Twitter mostly. Besides, have you seen Medium lately?

One of the nicest things about blogging is to write down whatever you have in your mind that might be useful to someone or, well, just to say out loud. Besides, writing it helps you to see it more clear and it’s nice to read things one wrote long time ago, it’s like a time capsule. I’m missing it a bit. When I was young – a long time ago – I used to blog about ordinary things that happened in my life in my hometown. Later, I started writing about web development. I enjoy writing about both topics, but the last one kind of feels like working and I don’t want that. I’m willing to write more about personal experiences rather than work-related topics. I might eventually write about web development as well.

By the way, I really liked this new(?) WordPress editor. It’s a bit buggy, I must admit, but it feels really nice typing here directly. Anyway, it seems I can finally blog on mobile.

Happy blogging to all of us! ✍️

Published by Daniel Salvagni

A Brazilian front-end developer currently based in Berlin.

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