Almost one year later I’m going to write about an incredible island that Luísa and I visited last summer. Apart from the fantastic nature and cinematographic landscapes, Lanzarote is a Spanish island which means: great food. It was a short trip although well-planed which gave us a superb pleasure time there.

After a ~5h flight from Berlin, we’ve arrived in Lanzarote. There we’ve rented a car to drive around and visit remote beaches. It’s way easier by car and when you have a limited amount of time to spend there, it turns out a great idea. To draw you a picture, we drove for about 2h to get at Playa Papagayo and half of the time on an unpaved road. Whether there are buses that go there I don’t know to be honest, but If there are, I guess it would take longer and it would be frequent. Anyway, renting a car was a comfortable and right choice.

The Playa Papagayo it’s an outstanding beach, the most different one I have ever visit – not that I have been in many places. It mixes the colors from an arid, dry and almost lunar-landscape-like land with emerald water on the seaside – incredible. To access the beach you need to walk down from the cliff, which is an easy path. And what makes this place even more enjoyable is the great food you can get from a restaurant on the top of the cliff.

The only part I regret is to not have a sunshade with me to by the beach. There’s no way to seat on the shadow around there. That’s me being picky, though.

Later that day, we walked around our hotel to find dinner. We were staying close to the city center in Arrecife, where you have good options to eat.

The problem with having too many good options is choosing one – captain obvious here. If I had more time there, that wouldn’t be a problem. However, when you are counting the days… Actually, let me start again, when you are leaving in Berlin for a couple of months after spending one year in Italy, you miss good food and can’t wait to have it again. 😂

A paella dish served on a traditional paella pan.
That was a good paella by the way

During the following days, we took one day to cycle around Arrecife and Puerto del Carmen by an extraordinary bike line that goes most of the time by the sea. We were lucky to see a couple of times airplanes departing and landing really close to us as you can see below.

We cycled more than 50km and if I remember well, mostly on bike lanes or at least safe paths. That was a joyful ride full of great views, with great weather and a stop for lunch on the top of a small hill where we could see the beach. It could have been better if I had spread well sunblock on my arms which I didn’t. Fortunately, Lanzarote is also known by its aloe vera cultivations. We could find aloe vera based products everywhere – even to drink!

We also spent some time on our next day cycling, but this time we had a destination: a beach that I don’t remember the name on Graciosa Island. To get to Graciosa, we first had to drove from Arrecife to Orzola to get a ferry boat that would take us to the island.

The bike trip wasn’t that smooth as I was expecting, maybe because I was still tired from our previous ride and this one was with mountain bikes on a sandy road, around noun, during summer. If you had ridden once on a fluffy sandy road you know what I’m talking about. It feels like you are at the gym, training on a bike, peddling without moving. Plus, the weather and the sun was hot as hell that day. Should I remind you the Canary Islands are near Saara? Nevertheless, the views were amazing and once again that lunar-like landscapes.

Besides the food and incredible places I’ve already mentioned, the way they arrange their wine yard is different from everything I saw in this matter before. I’ve seen the plants on vertical and horizontal arrangement but never on a hole in the ground. This is the way they found to protect the plants from the strong wind they have on the island — and it’s effective. By the way, the island’s soil is basically made of volcanic lava – or the most part of it – which means that everything that grows there will have a particular taste, flavor our color. That said, they also produce wine there and as you can already imagine here, it has a particular taste as well since wine is directly influenced by the terroir. I have no idea if they are known by the wine, but definitely worth trying it once there.

Lanzarote is a place I’d like to visit again and I hope I can get there later this year. I have the idea to do a bike touring there since the island is not that big, it may take no more than a couple of days to do it. Sounds like a great plan for holidays.

🎧 Mal Secreto – Jards Macalé, Frejat

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